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Roger Gail Womack

Marta Lee Peterson

My wife, you have seen enough pictures of me so this page is

dedicated to my family, Marta was born in Sacremento, CA.

We met in Miami Florida, and were married in a little town

named Davie, Florida, just outside of Ft. Lauderdale. Sure

have to appreciate her for putting up with me all these years.

We will be married 24 years in May 1999. She does wonder

at times why I spend so much time looking for dead people as

she says. But she lets me spend alot of hours doing it.

(children in order of birth)



Kayla Lee Womack

Kayla was born in Miami, Florida, she married Keith James

Meyerhoff, we have one Grandson, Jared James Meyerhoff.


Roger Shane Womack


Shane was born in Vancouver, Wa., he is 15 now and still

living at home. He's a very active young man and always

has been, a chip off of the old block, unfortunately.


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