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Movie Pics

Movie "PORKY'S"


Chuck Mitchell & Roger Womack




Movie "Dogs of War"

Gary Maas & Roger Womack


Under British Actors Equity contract, filmed in New York,

Miami, FL., and Belize in British Honduras. Film starred

Christopher Walken and Tom Berringer.


Movie "Hands Off The Island"

Italian film directed by Sergio Gorbucchi staring Terrance Hill

(center) and Bud Spencer not shown, both big stars in Italy.

We were suppose to be bikers from Chicago, the costumes were

something. And now I know why Italian films are so hard to

understand, the script in Terrance's hand is for the whole movie.

It's just a outline and the dialogue is pretty much done as the

movie trudges along slowy with director and actor arguing about

what to say or who says what.



Movie "Hot Stuff"

Ossie Davis & Roger Womack


"Angel City"

Red West & Roger Womack

Red was Elvis' body guard for many years went on to do "Baa Baa Black

Sheep" and many other movies, kind of glad I don't remember exactly what

his comment was on the cuke. Super guy to work with.



Roger and Suzanne Pleschette


Roger & Jerry Reed


Jennifer Jason Leigh & Roger


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