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The Lambert's & Mitchell's

Great-great-grandfather William C. Lambert, born April 1855,

in Maine and my Great- great-grandmother Jenny Cousins, born

September 1861 in Canada. Their only child below.


Great-grandfather William H. Lambert

Born June 1885 Cumberland Co., Maine died in 1918 in Phoenix,

Arizona, He married my Great-grandmother Virgie Laura Mae Mitchell,

born July 25, 1894 in Vivian, Louisiana died July 19, 1991 in McClain

Co., Oklahoma, daughter of Henry M. Mitchell and Sarah Clementine

Alexander, William was a jockey and rode in "Codys Wild West Show"

He died in a horse race in Phoenix, Arizona.




My Great-grandmother, Virgie Laura Mae Mitchell, born July 25,

1894 in Vivian, Louisiana, center, Daisy her sister to the left and

friend right. She married William H. Lambert above from Portland,

Maine. After William Lamberts death in 1918 in Phoenix, Arizona,

Virgie married Homer Foley, the only Great-grandfather I ever knew.


My Grandmother Sarah Catherine Lambert, born in Oklahoma

and still Living in Oklahoma, daughter of William H. Lambert

and Virgie Laura Mae Mitchell, (above). She married

Earnest Elijah Womack "Lige"


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