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Bobby Earnest Womack

Bob Womack  (my father)  was born in Weleetka. Okfuskee Co.,

Oklahoma.  Picture above is with my Stepmother  Cozene "Coe"

Elizabeth Brown.  They were married  40 years in October 1999.



Roger  Womack 

Compiler and owner of this website,  this picture was taken in Belize,

British Honduras back in 1982 during a break from filming  "Dogs of War".

I'm sitting on a dock on a river that runs out into the bay.  One of the

teamsters from California caught a 50 pound Tarpon and offered to feed

all of us that was staying at this motel, I didn't have the heart to tell him

they are as bony as a carp and taste like kafilta fish.  Gary and I went to the

restaurant early and ordered steak before everyone showed up and the main

course was served.   When we first arrived in Belize and got to the motel,

Gary and I was starved after our flight so we went to the restaurant to get

some food,  we ask what they had and the lady working there said they 

don't serve lunch, after much whining she said she could fix us a bargus, 

Gary and I looked at each other with much puzzlement and said "what's 

bargus"  she said you know,  and we said we didn't know what bargus was, 

she said you have them in the states and we said we have never eaten 

bargus, she looked at us like we were idiots,  after much going back and 

forth on this subject, and us wondering if we were willing to eat anything

 she said  "we don't put ham in ours, ham bargus"....Duh,  we had our 

hamburgers and were very satisfied.  


Rona Lee Womack  

My little sister, Rona was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This picture 

was taken a few years ago while visiting Oklahoma, at Grandmother Womacks 

place in Newcastle, Oklahoma,  these are precious memories.  Sis is into those 

Sears catalogs.  That ole outhouse brings back a lot of memories, especially

when we had to move it.


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