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Family Pics

Ruth Morris Meeks

Born March 24, 1836, Died January 12, 1911.

Ruth married Larkin Womack born Jan 27, 1822 in Campbell Co.,

Virginia, died 1886 in Scott Co., Arkansas. Larkins first wife Kate Taylor

died shortly after the birth of their 10th child, Ruth and Larkin's only

child was George Farris Womack (see "My Direct Line" on homepage).

Ruth's first marriage was to William Sherrill,  see children on link below.

George's half brothers


George Farris Womack & Rachael Mary Ausmus

George was born May 3, 1880 in Coffee County, Tennessee, died

Dec 27, 1941 in Weleetka, Okfuskee Co., OK. Rachael was born

Feb 4, 1882 in Scott Co., AR., died Mar 12, 1960, Contra Costa, CA.


(George and Rachael's  children in order of birth, need more pictures family)


# 3

Horace H. Womack  born  February 12, 1904 Weleetka,

Okfuskee Co., Oklahoma,  died 1937 Hughes Co., Oklahoma


# 4

Lester Otto Womack, born September 12, 1906 in Boles, Scott

County, Arkansas, died June 1987 in Shingle Springs, CA.

Lester's Family

under construction


# 5

Oney Louise Womack, born Feb 6, 1908, Scott Co., AR., died

Aug 23, 1926 in Okfuskee Co., OK. She married George W. Scott,

they had Louise June 23, 1926. Oney, only lived 2 months after

Louise's birth. Photo taken early 1926.




           # 6                                         Elijah and Sonny

Earnest Elijah "Lige" Womack, born December 24, 1910, died April

6, 1997, I have many wonderful memories with Grandfather, he would

take me coon hunting with him, I would be tagging along so close

I would have bruises on my face from runing into his rifle butt. The

picture above was taken about 1925. He married my Grandmother

Sarah Catherine Lambert, born in Oklahoma and still living there.

Lige's Family



# 7

CC Camp in Wyoming early 30's.

George Farris Womack Jr. born Feb 29, 1912, died

about 1935, he was poisened while spraying cotton.



# 12

School days 1938, Weleetka, Oklahoma.

Maude Lee Womack, is still living in Oklahoma.



# 13

Weleetka School days 1937-1938

Harold Grant Womack "Sonny" was born in Weleetka, OK.,

September 2, 1924, died 1957 in Antioch, Contra Costa Co., CA.



Family photo, from right to left. Maudie, Barbara, Gladys, Gertrude,

Lester, Sadie (my Grandmother), Lige' (my Grandfather), behind

Turner?, Little girl is Elizabeth Riojas.



A very special thanks to my cousin Susie McNair for the older family pics.

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